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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights

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Comparative Advertising: Delhi HC (Reckitt Benckiser v. Hindustan Lever Limited)

Delhi HC order on the famous Lifebuoy ad which hints about a child being sick because of the alleged use of Dettol as an antiseptic liquid in bathing water whilst promoting the superiority of Hindustan Lever Limited’s Lifebuoy Soap

EU, Australia, Canada may follow India’s Patent Law

India’s strong stance on minor drug innovations could reverberate in national parliaments and courthouses of the developed world!

Novartis: India rejects patent plea for cancer drug Glivec.

India's Supreme Court has rejected a plea by Novartis to patent an updated version of its cancer drug, Glivec.


What is meant by Intellectual Property ?

Intellectual Property is the Property, which has been created by exercise of Intellectual Faculty. It is the result of persons Intellectual Activities. Thus Intellectual Property refers to creation of mind such as inventions, designs for industrial articles, literary, artistic work, symbols which are ultimately used in commerce. Intellectual Property rights allow the creators or owners to have the benefits from their works when these are exploited commercially. These rights are statutory rights governed in accordance with the provisions of corresponding legislations. Intellectual Property rights reward creativity & human endeavor which fuel the progress of humankind. The intellectual property is classified into seven categories i.e . (1) Patent (2) Industrial Design (3) Trade Marks (4) Copyright (5) Geographical Indications (6) Lay out designs of integrated circuits (7) Protection of undisclosed information/Trade Secret according to TRIPs agreements.