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Planning to get Listed? A major decision

Planning to get Listed? A major decision

Going public is the ambition of many growing companies. It corroborates past achievements and propels future growth by access to a more widely distributed capital. BSE and NSE provide dedicated platforms known as SME Exchange to act as  right launch pad for companies with strong business models and high growth potential. However, going public is a paradigm shift for a private company as it would be required to:

  • Appreciate the need to meet initial and sustained expectations of external investors
  • Appreciate the need to have a team, organization structure and internal processes which bring about investor credibility and capability to efficiently manage the capital market processes and increased level of scrutiny, reporting, compliances and regulatory obligations;

Benefits of listing

Easier to List
Min allottees required: 50 only – can be achieved with focused marketing.
Lower cost, time and effort to get listed.

100% underwriting
100% underwriting of the issue will ensure that the issue is fully subscribed.

Alternate Valuation

Potential based valuations could be offered by Informed investors rather than benchmarking with matured large Corporates on the main board.

New class of investors
Platform will attract new class of long term Institutional risk investors (both in primary & secondary market), interested to invest in exciting fast growing companies in India on a regulated platform.

Migration to main Board on seasoning
Getting listed on SME Platform will allow companies to grow to serious size, conserve value and migrate to main board with more broad based IPOs.

It is therefore critical that before considering a public listing, you have realistic awareness of your current level of preparedness and what needs to be done to become a successfully listed company.

We have an experienced and dedicated team to analyze your business potential and help you to do the assessment test and thereby coordinates the entire process starting from appointment of Merchant bankers to the listing of the securities. We help an organsiation to get the maximum out of the market without compromising of the shareholding pattern of the promoters and provide end to end solutions to all the allied requirements.

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